Monday, August 1, 2011

The last month or so....

Life in the last month or so has been pretty crazy. We've done lots of stuff, visited lots of places and created new things. In mid-June Trevor and I participated in the Ragnar Relay with our family. It was a ton of fun as always. I got to be lucky runner number 1 and started off the race in Logan. Trevor was runner number 5. We both really enjoyed being in Van 1 this year...I think they get the good end of the deal.

Starting Line

Here comes Trevor up Avon Pass, he killed that hill!

Run Trevor Run!

At a major exchange....most of the team!

Maria's right before her sweet cartwheel!

The girls!

Also during June, McKaylee decided to work on growing a bunch of teeth. She had a day or two where she had a pretty high fever and was very passive (definitely not McKaylee like). She even broke out with a fever rash and scared us pretty bad. It was hard to see her so sad, but it was fun to have her cuddle with us! You'll have to take notice of the stick in her hand....she really loved holding on to it when she was sick...not sure why. She took it everywhere though, sleeping, eating, playing. I thought it was pretty funny.

At the very end of June, Trevor and I celebrated out 5th anniversary! Yes, five years! Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast. We have loved every minute of the last five years getting to know and love each other more and more. Trevor is the best husband I could ever ask for! We celebrated by going up to Wolf Creek for a night. Dad Bradley awesomely got us a room up there for free. It was a great night and so pretty up there. We took a trip up to Avon pass where the Ragnar Relay ran, it was strange to see it without all the runners and vans, we hardly recognized it! There were some beautiful wild flowers everywhere that weren't there when we were running.

We also went and visited Causey Reservoir. It was very very full. Generally there's some pretty good cliff jumping, but it was too full to have the high cliffs. The runoff was pretty cool to see though.

Happy Anniversary Trevor! I love you!

Isn't he so handsome!?!?!?!

A couple weeks ago, we took a trip up to the cabin in Christmas Meadows. It was a ton of fun and beautiful weather! It would have been a perfect trip if McKaylee hadn't lost her shoe in the river or Grandpa's truck hadn't gotten a flat tire....oh well...memories I suppose!

Throwing rocks in the river and playing in the sand

The moose we saw!

Grandpa's flat tire :(

Kaden and Uncle Dan fishing

Kisses from Grandpa!

This month, Trevor also started his own business. The job market is so tough and so he's decided to create his own job. Check out the new truck! If anyone needs any landscape installation or maintenance, let us know!

And, I just have to post about this last random thing....McKaylee loves the cat that lives upstairs. It comes and visits our patio every once in a while and McKaylee has a blast watching it through the window.

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  1. Yeah for an update! I love the stick McKaylee is holding when she is sick. How cute is that? And the kitty pictures. Those are priceless. I am sure she loves when he comes over to play!